Social Media Management

Need us to manage your business' social media managed for you?

Our management services include two social media platforms, daily engagement, inbox and ad campaign management and more. If you don't have the time or the desire to do your own ads management, struggle with creating content, or consistent growth, or need to boost your algorithims you will benefit from allowing us to manage your social media for you.

  • 1000+ Instagram Followers Per Month

  • 1000+ Facebook Followers Per Month

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Daily Posting

  • Inbox Management

  • Organic Engagement

  • List Building

  • Instagram Ads Creation

  • Facebook Ads Creation

What our services entail:

Current rate is $3,500/ month. Normally $5,000/ month.

1 on 1 Sessions

For the business owner that needs a little boost!

This is a 20 minute session that is best used for clarity, direction, finding loop holes, and answering questions pertaining to your business.  

Total Time = 20 minutes

A 45 min Assessment Will Happen first. After the Assessment we will schedule our 60-90 minute strategy session. Total time: Assessment= 45mins + 60 minute Strategy Session

This is an intense 20 minute session used to help you streamline your social media into a lead and sales generating machine.  Total time:20 minutes

Lets Work Together to Build Your Business

1 on 1 Programs Designed to Help Build Businesses at Different Levels. Choose Your Program Below.

Business Foundation

The Basics of Business Building, branding, marketing, and putting together your plan. We also work on your initial strategy, efficiency tools, social media overview. Plan comes with a monthly 1-on-1 session , and exclusive trainings from business leaders.

Business Foundations

One Time Installment 

$12,500 Due at Checkout 

Business Foundation Installment

$1,997 Deposit Due at Checkout

Month 1 Installment -  $2,875.75

Month 2 Installment - $2,875.75

Month 3 Installment - $2,875.75

Month4 Installment - $2875.75


Continuous Coins Elite Program

This is a 12 month program focused on helping you generate multiple streams of Revenue. We primarily teach methods used for building online business or utilizing social media to bring traffic to your online business. 

Elite Program - One Installment

$19,997 is due at checkout. You must apply for this program. Feel free to click the button below to see the details of this 12 month program.

Elite Program Installment

$1,997 Deposit Due at Checkout

Month 1 Installment -  $1,797

per month for 12 months

You Must Apply for CC & Be Accepted into the Annual Program.  


Jump Start Program

This is for the business owner who wants to expand their reach online. This program focuses extensively on online marketing, Ads, online events, automations, and customer relationship management. Plan comes with a monthly 1-on-1 session, and exclusive trainings from business leaders.

Jump Start One Time Installment 

$12,500 Due at Checkout

Jump Start Installment

$1,997 Deposit Due at Checkout

Month 1 Installment -  $2,875.75

Month 2 Installment - $2,875.75

Month 3 Installment - $2,875.75

Month 4 Installment - $2875.75


Business Enterprise Program

This program is only for the few who are serious about building their business and creating systems that create continuous income

This is for the business owner who wants to expand their reach online and offline. Those who would like to establish themselves as an authority and create opportunities and a community. We focus extensively on conversion, development, turn-key infrastructure, software, apps, launch schedules, product creation and development, SEO, marketing, Social media training, and E-Comm revenue.  Plan comes with a monthly 1-on-1 session, and exclusive trainings from business leaders, & 2 Personal Work Weeks. 

Since this program contains two personal work weeks, if you are outside of the contiguous 48 states please ask about personal mini-week accommodations.  

Business Enterprise Program

One Time Payment

$32,000 Deposit Due at Checkout


Business Enterprise 6 Month Installment Program

$2,500 Deposit Due at Checkout

Month 1 Installment -   $5,583

Month 2 Installment -  $5,583

Month 3 Installment -  $5,583

Month 4 Installment -  $5,583

Month 5 Installment -  $5,583

Month 6 Installment -  $5,583

Ongoing Learning Academies

Courses that take you step by step to understanding ads, monetizing and growing your business

Facebook ADS Mastery Academy

4 month academy helps with identifying your audience, creating content, deciding value, products and Facebook ads marketing (annual)

Insta-Coin Academy

12 week academy that helps you make money with your Instagram account. We've helped our clients generate millions strictly from Instagram (annual)

Business Bootcamp Academy

This program will help you set up the infrastructure you need to start making daily and consistent sales online. Includes the secrets, templates & timelines (tri-annual)

Strategy. Technique. Success